LKPD (Lembaga Konsultasi Pembangunan Daerah)

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April 25, 2007, 4:22 am
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A. Background

The participation of all level communities by generating conceptual idea, planning strategy and involving in the development processes are very needed in national development. The mutual positive cooperation among NGOs, governmental institutions and stakeholders in which focusing on the positive quality supporting each other in line with the acceleration and make-up the development processes is very strategic and required. This background constitute to form an organization was called Institute for Consultative Region Development (ICRD) for the purpose of earning to cooperate with all parties in efforts to make-up of quality on the development processes in all sectors in Indonesia particular in the region basis. B.  LEGALITY ORGANISATION

Institute for Consultative Region Development (ICRD) as National NGO was founded with the bill of establishment: Deed No: 39 Dated 14th  January 2005 at office of notary Muhtar, SH in Wajo Regency. Successively institute had been also enlisted at law court of country office with Registration Number: 02/LSM/PDT/II/2005/PN.SKG dated 4th February 2005 and at Regional Union and Society Protection Office with Registration No: 220/017/KESBANG dated 14th February 2005. 

C.  COVERAGED ACTIVITY Institute for Consultative Region Development (ICRD) has focused on various consultancy tasks as follows: 1.Agriculture sector, water clean, environmental impact assessment (AMDAL), tourism development, mapping and geographical information system (SIG), social aspects and healthcare, coastal, river and lake management.  2. Providing advices on things related to coastal and fishing issues to the governmental institution. 3. Efforts on developing research and study as possible, training, seminar and environmental management.  

4. Assists in social activities in local area including monitoring of allocation of relief fund to community affected by a natural disaster. 5. Helps to distribute printing materials, publication, and book, brochure, magazine, tabloid and others printed matter as media of education and knowledge information.   6. Efforts to cooperate with governmental body, NGOs and private sectors within the same frame of purposes and objectives with those institutions.   7. Conducts various activities for having any possibility of fund which do not oppose the regulation that applicable in the Republic of Indonesia (RI) D.   STAFF AND MEMBERSHIPEducational background and personnel capacity are varied.  Work experience of members also varied such as educator (lecturer), professional worker in some company, fresh graduate of University and individual.  


Institute for Consultative Region Development (ICRD) has communication network with other institution like Center for Environmental Study, Hasanuddin University Makassar, KMI  (Indonesian Oil and Gas Community), IIPS (Indonesian Institute for Process & Safety), KMKMI ( Cooperation of Indonesian Oil and Gas Community), governmental institution in local and national.  ICRD has developed and communicated with other higher educational institutions in scale of national and international.  F.  MEMBERSHIP Founder: ·   Ilham, S.T (Unhas – Makassar) ·   Andi Takdir, S.T (Univ. Kebangsaan) ·   Akhiruddin, A.Md (STIE Makassar) ·   Andi Firman, A.Md (Akper Makassar) 

Ordinary Member: ·   Gasali, S.T (UGM – Jogyakarta)  Honorary Member :·   Dr. Mahatma Lanuru, S.T, M.Sc (Unhas, Denmark, Germany)·   Dr. Ambo Upe, DEA(Unhas, ITB,
 ·   Lukiyanto, S.T, M. Eng(Unhas, Germany) ·   Muhammad Lukman, S.T., M.MarSc (Unhas, Australia)  F.  MANAGEMENT 

Institute for Consultative Region Development (ICRD) is managed by a team:

Chairman                     : Ir. Ilham

Secretary &

Treasurer                     : Akhiruddin

Vice of  Chairman       : –


LKPD Lembaga Konsultasi Pembangunan DaerahInstitute for Consultative Region DevelopmentJl. Rusa Perumahan Danau Tempe Permai (TAE) Blok D8 Sengkang  90911 South Sulawesi INDONESIAE-mail:   Contact List : [1]: Ilham  Mobile: 0813 55 822 541E-mail:  [2]: AkhiruddinTel: +62 (0485) 21259 

[3]: Andi Takdir Mobile: 0852 42 160027  [4]: Andi Firman Mobile: 0813 42 306054 [5]: Gasali Mobile: 0815 786 22170

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